Protect the industrial property exchanged in your application.

Seald allows you to encrypt end-to-end industrial property to prevent data breach in your solution (collaborative work, project management, etc.), without being a cryptography expert.

To be respected

Industrial property is found in various legal frameworks

Of all the sensitive data, industrial property is one of the most coveted. It represents the value of many companies, so much so that it is subject to increasingly intense economic espionage by competing organizations and countries.

  • classified data

    Various regulations (IGI 1300, ITAR, etc.) around the world impose strict rules and heavy penalties for violations.

  • Patents

    They allow to guarantee exclusivity on the exploitation of a technology for a defined period of time, but they can be circumvented in particular during the preliminary R&D phase.

  • Business Secrecy Directive

    Data can only be qualified as secret - and thus benefit from the associated legal framework - if it is subject to sufficient technical protections.

A new standard

The solution to prevent data breach

While regulations demonstrate the strategic importance of industrial property, it's up to every company to take the right steps to protect it. There is a new standard of risk management to meet this challenge: the zero-trust model, where anticipation and technological efficiency are the key words.

A model in which everything is robustly protected by design and end-to-end encryption has a central role. It enables modern companies - in addition to complying with regulatory requirements - to securely and sustainably protect their competitive advantages.

Did you know?

70% of the amount of RGPD fines are due to technical or organizational shortcomings to protect information, CMS Enforcement Tracker.

    The Solution

    3 hours to integrate the zero-trust model and effectively protect healthcare data.

    Seald supports technical departments in addressing this shift to zero-trust by providing unique capabilities in the market:

    An SDK certified by ANSSI

    The only end-to-end encryption SDK for developers, whose security level is certified by ANSSI.

    No need to be an expert in cryptography

    A turnkey API approach to simply integrate and quickly deploy end-to-end encryption in your applications as part of a zero-trust strategy.

    • Ubcom
    • atos
    • GICAT
    • psa
    • BPI France
    • Exer

    The only end-to-end encryption SDK certified in France

    This certification attests that the Seald SDK is a robust product with regards to the cryptographic issues at stake and that it has been implemented correctly.

    Ready to protect your data?