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Secure a message, document, secret on any platform, Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Messenger!

Seald is a one-click encryption tool that keeps unwanted eavesdroppers out of your conversations.

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messages and files have been protected today!

Intuitive and user-centered.

Seald makes secure communications easy and fun.
It allows you to end-to-end encrypt (RSA-4096 and AES-256) all your messages, documents, posts...
Only the intended recipient, and nobody else can read your messages.

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Privacy by design.

We don’t collect or have access to your data.

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Encrypt when you want.
Highlight. Right click. Seald.

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Documents, messages, posts, photos, videos.

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Don't change your habits. It works on any communication tool.

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| Join our Beta program (Windows and Mac)

All your tools are connected.

When installed on your computer, Seald installs automatically an extension in your browser.
It's then ready to be used everywhere (Facebook,
Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Messenger...).

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We are transparent

There's nothing that keeps us up at night more than user trust,
which is why we’re transparent about our architecture.

We’re on a mission to make your privacy simpler and more pleasant
against the latest security threats.

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