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Protection for your files that follows them everywhere

Protecting your business-critical documents and data inside your IT infrastructure is good, but it's not enough. What happens when you send them to business partners? Seald's security allows you to protect any kind of files (Office, PDFs, videos, and more). It then tracks, audits, and manages access, no matter how and where they travel.

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Track your files and monitor where they end up

Seald lets you follow your documents and files anywhere they go, whether it's for detecting and stopping a data leak, or monitoring when and where your documents are opened. For regulated industries, Seald can generate detailed audit reports, and send events into your BI engine or SIEM.

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Control access rights in real-time

Keep control of your sensitive files, even after sending them! Even if the file has been forwarded or copied, you can update access-rights, revoke access to some recipients or add access to others, in real-time.

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Control editing,
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Do not force the recipients to install an app anymore

Seald allows you to communicate with people who do not have Seald - like people outside of your company - thanks to our unique technology. One only needs to open the document, type in their email address, and copy the one-time password as you would do for a credit card payment. The document is then decrypted locally and displayed in the browser, without need to install anything.

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Integrations for your communication solutions:

Don't wait to be hacked, be the hacker.

Each document, email, or data record leaked costs $150 on average, and millions of them are leaked every day!
Only 4% of leaks are harmless, because the data is encrypted.

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