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The highest level of protection
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You want to protect your data? Seald allows you to ensure the highest level of security on your data through end-to-end and easy-to-use encryption.

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Every year around the world, data leaks cost companies $3,000 billion, more than France's GDP (Juniper Research 2019).

  • Data leaks avoided

    Data leaks avoided

    The data is encrypted and therefore impossible for an attacker to read.

  • Gaining confidence

    Gaining confidence

    The best security to protect the data of your customers, users and partners.

  • Compliance


    Handle data the right way (confidentiality, retention periods, etc.).

Our products

Turnkey solutions, guaranteeing the highest level of security

Integrate encryption in your applications

Integrate encryption in your applications

The Seald SDK gives developers the ability to integrate advanced data security and control into applications.

Encrypt your files and emails
Enterprise solution

Encrypt your files and emails

Seald enterprise solution allows you to ensure confidentiality, tracking and control over documents and emails, even when they are shared and copied.

Laurent Delaporte
Seald is a key element in gaining the trust of our users. The simplicity of integration has allowed us to focus on the product and marketing.

Laurent Delaporte

Former Vice President @Microsoft Advertising

  • Robust encryption

    Seald offers ANSSI-certified end-to-end encryption with no backdoor.

  • Transparent use

    A technology that does not change the habits of your users or coworkers.

  • 100% European

    Seald is developed and hosted in France. Guarantee your digital sovereignty.

  • Easy to integrate

    The deployment of Seald in your company or application is effortless.

Our difference

Your data remains protected, even in the event of a server attack

Server encryption

Server encryption

By using server-side encryption (including KMS, HSM or BYOK), the data is first transferred in its clear-text version and is then protected with encryption by the server.

The servers therefore have access to a clear-text version of the data, which means that if compromised, the data would become vulnerable.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

By using Seald, data is secured on the client side, before being sent to the server.

This way, neither Seald nor the cloud hosting company can decrypt the protected data, even if servers are compromised.

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