Insurance digital service

To meet regulatory requirements and best estimate the risk to be covered, insurance professionals collect sensitive data (KYC, personal, financial, possibly medical, etc.).

It is therefore essential for digital services in the insurance sector to:

  • implement a level of security that meets regulatory requirements (RGPD, ACPR control, possibly medical secrecy, etc. );
  • ensure absolute confidentiality of the sensitive data entrusted to them.

Seald allows you to integrate into your applications a data security that meets the most stringent requirements with end-to-end encryption.

  • ANSSI security visa
  • Transparent experience for the user
  • Only authorized persons can read the data
  • Comply with any legal request with the egress procedure

Seald for data in insurance

Client trust

Reassure your customers that their data can only be read by authorized persons. This ensures confidentiality even in the worst case scenario: in case of a data leak.


End-to-end encryption is the most robust encryption measure available. Seald's protocols nevertheless allow you to comply with legitimate requests from the regulator.


Seald is the only CSPN-certified solution in Europe to integrate end-to-end encryption into an application.


Related use cases

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Wimi Framatome psa Lefebvre Sarrut Recare Ourcal Doktor Lpg

The only end-to-end encryption SDK certified in France

This certification attests that the Seald SDK is a robust product with regards to the cryptographic issues at stake and that it has been implemented correctly.

Do you store
sensitive data?

Win the trust of your users by assuring them that their data will remain confidential even in the event of a data breach.

import SealdSDK from '@seald-io/sdk'

// Initialize the SDK
const seald = SealdSDK({ apiURL, appId })
// Create your Seald identity
await seald.initiateIdentity({ signupJWT })
// Encrypt a message for another user
const encryptedMessage = await seald.encryptMessage(
  'Super secret message',
   { userIds: ['BOB_002'] }

// And *voilà*!
const message = await seald.decryptMessage(encryptedMessage)