Data pseudonymization

When performing automated processing (AI, machine learning, statistics, etc.) on user data, it is common for the "identifying" data to be unused. We can then proceed to a pseudonymization of the data.

Seald allows to encrypt end-to-end these identifying data so that only authorized users are able to re-associate the pseudonymized data with the identifying data, preventing the server performing the processing from ever having access to it.

By minimizing the servers' access rights to the data, it minimizes the consequences of a potential data breach: the identifying data would remain secure.

A solution certified by

Seald, a certified solution for peace of mind

Groups management

Seald allows encryption for groups, post modification of members with automatic history re-encryption for new members.


With Seald, users will always have access to their data without having to keep a backup password, while ensuring that only they can decrypt their data.


Article 32 of the GDPR requires ensuring the security of the identifying data when performing pseudonymization. Seald ensures this security at the strictest level.

Do you want
to pseudonymize data?

Quickly integrate encryption into your applications with Seald SDKs. You don't need skills in cryptography to integrate them.

import SealdSDK from '@seald-io/sdk'

// Initialize the SDK
const seald = SealdSDK({ apiURL, appId })
// Create your Seald identity
await seald.initiateIdentity({ signupJWT })
// Encrypt a message for another user
const encryptedMessage = await seald.encryptMessage(
  'Super secret message',
   { userIds: ['BOB_002'] }

// And *voilà*!
const message = await seald.decryptMessage(encryptedMessage)