A CSPN certified technology by the ANSSI.

Seald offers the only end-to-end encryption SDK certified in France. The solution benefits from a security visa (CSPN) issued by the ANSSI, which ensures you a robust security model.

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What is a CSPN ?

Security visa from ANSSI

CSPN is the certification of Seald's level of robustness, based on compliance analysis and advanced penetration testing.

  • 1 year of work

    It took the Seald technical team a year to prepare the SDK for the CSPN and get this security visa.

  • Seald passed on the 1st try

    While over 70% of companies fail. An independent expert team tried to find security flaws, without success.

  • Internationally recognized.

    ENISA is working to transpose the CSPN standard to the European level so that it is recognized by all EU countries.

Unwavering confidence

The Sig-Chain

At Seald, we have developed a technology called Sig-chain. An unalterable register in which is recorded every operation of adding identity, entering a group, renewing keys, etc. A chain of signatures specific to each user, which ensures the security of our encryption technology.

PKIs are difficult to implement, especially when decryption rights need to be shared between different devices. Seald solves this problem by overcoming the rigidity of X.509 certificate chains with its signature chain technology.

Did you know?

The "Sig-Chain" allows a user to have a keychain of decryption keys (one per device) with identical decryption rights, while ensuring that our own identity management servers cannot maliciously add a key to that keychain.

The highest level of security

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is the most secure technology available, but it is also the most complex and time consuming to implement (key management, user account recovery, etc.).

To simplify its adoption, Seald has developed an SDK associated with an API, which allows you to add end-to-end encryption to your applications in a few lines of code, without any prior knowledge in cryptography.

Did you know?

Seald was developed on the zero-trust model, even in case of simultaneous breach of data encrypted by Seald and our servers, the confidentiality of the encrypted data remains assured.

Our advantages

All the complexity is on our side

  • Zero-trust

    Seald assumes that no server is infallible, not even its own servers. They never have access to the data.

  • Recovery without backdoor

    If a user loses their password or device, they can always recover access to their encrypted data.

  • Easy to integrate

    No cryptographic skills are required to integrate Seald into your applications.


Quickly integrate encryption into your applications with Seald SDKs. You don't need skills in cryptography to integrate them.

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