Confidential form

Collecting sensitive data (personal, medical, trade secret information, etc.) is often done through forms. It is imperative to ensure end-to-end security on this data.

Using end-to-end encryption, Seald provides security and privacy and this form data from the moment it is collected in the web or mobile application. Only authorized users will be able to read them.

The user experience remains smooth as the integration of Seald is transparent to the end-user.

A solution certified by

Seald, a certified solution for peace of mind

Groups management

Seald allows encryption for groups, modification of the members' list with automatic history re-encryption for new members.


It is possible to have multiple devices per user, each of which will be individually trackable and revocable.

Embedded security

By performing client-side encryption operations, Seald secures data by design in your application.

Do you collect
data through forms?

Quickly integrate encryption into your applications with Seald SDKs. You don't need skills in cryptography to integrate them.

import SealdSDK from '@seald-io/sdk'

// Initialize the SDK
const seald = SealdSDK({ apiURL, appId })
// Create your Seald identity
await seald.initiateIdentity({ signupJWT })
// Encrypt a message for another user
const encryptedMessage = await seald.encryptMessage(
  'Super secret message',
   { userIds: ['BOB_002'] }

// And *voilà*!
const message = await seald.decryptMessage(encryptedMessage)