Ensure a dynamic and optimal management of your data

It is essential to manage who can access your sensitive files and track your intellectual property, no matter where it is located. Seald offers an optimal solution for monitoring and controlling your data. The application gives you granular control, you can revoke or add access to your data in real time and track how it is used.

Illustration - Ensure a dynamic and optimal management of your data

Your company needs :

Our innovative technology can help you :

  • Control

    access to data by revoking or adding a recipient.

  • Log

    events related to the use of your files.

  • Detect

    anomalies in your company (data leakage).

  • React

    effectively in case of theft or loss of equipment.

  • Delete

    access to data from obsolete devices.

  • Enforce

    a lifetime for your files.


Benefits of the solution

Seald is designed to be efficient and very easy to use. Easily meet your company's security needs with an advanced data monitoring and protection solution

  • Expand your company's security perimeter

    Don't lose control of your data when it is transmitted outside your company.

  • Protect yourself from industrial espionage

    Don't let a simple confidentiality clause "prevent" the theft of your important data.

  • Comply with the GDPR

    Protect yourself from a significant fine for your company by complying with the GDPR.

66% of IT managers think they had unauthorized accesses to their network

Control your intellectual property

Seald's technology is a real interest for companies that do not want to lose control of their intellectual property. Indeed, if the IP comes out of your perimeter, it is no longer possible for you to follow what is being done with it.

Do you know if your data is in the wrong hands?
How do your consultants handle your data?
How do you manage the lifetime of access to your data?

Classifying your data in 9 steps

This article presents a series of steps to follow for a good classification of your data. Classifying your data allows a higher control of your data.

Seald is a strategic tool and is now essential to our team.
Marc Pertron
Marc Pertron CEO @LiveMon

Simplicity without compromise

Seald's success lies in the ease of use of the solution. Integrated with your email client or server, Seald secures your confidential communications, and allows you to modify the access permissions and track any email or document in real time.

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