Easily protect data in your workflows

Integrate Seald into your servers to automatically secure documents sent or received by your company. Seald technology allows you to encrypt exports for your employees, documents and emails for your users, and many others! Collaborate and transmit customer data, KPIs etc. without worrying about data leaks.

Illustration - Easily protect data in your workflows

Your company needs :

Our innovative technology can help you :

  • Control

    access to data by revoking or adding a recipient.

  • Log

    events related to the use of your files.

  • Detect

    anomalies in your company (data leakage).

  • Secure

    your sensitive files simply.

  • Exchange

    with the outside world of your company in complete safety.

  • Enforce

    a lifetime for your files.


Benefits of the solution

Seald is designed to be efficient and very easy to use. Easily meet your company's security needs with an advanced data monitoring and protection solution

  • Expand your company's security perimeter

    Don't lose control of your data when it is transmitted outside your company.

  • Comply with the GDPR

    Protect yourself from a significant fine for your company by complying with the GDPR.

  • Secure your data without disrupting your organization

    Use with confidence the solutions you already use.

3% of data is secured in the event of a leak

Automate your company's security

Seald's technology is a real interest for companies that collect or send hundreds of files containing confidential customer or prospect information every day. So much information that your customers think is secure when you use it and that it is unthinkable that it will end up in the wrong hands.

Do you protect your CRM exports containing your customer data?
How do you secure the files received by your customers?
Do you secure your automatic sending of documents or emails?

Encryption for your servers

This article introduces you to how Seald integrates into your workflows and secures the many data that flows through your servers.

Seald is my number one reflex when I have to work on a confidential file!
Brice Konda
Brice Konda CEO @Deepsight

Simplicity without compromise

Seald's success lies in the ease of use of the solution. Integrated with your email client or server, Seald secures your confidential communications, and allows you to modify the access permissions and track any email or document in real time.

Business case

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