Prepare your company for the GDPR

Protect yourself from a significant fine for your company by complying with the GPDR. Seald provides a real GPDR compliance solution by meeting various criteria. Our encryption technology will allow you to secure your data, track its use, control retention time and control access.

Illustration - Prepare your company for the GDPR

Our innovative technology can help you :

  • Apply

    your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy.

  • Secure

    your sensitive files simply.

  • Exchange

    with the outside world of your company in complete safety.

  • Log

    events related to the use of your files.

  • Control

    access to data by revoking or adding a recipient.

  • Enforce

    a lifetime for your files.


Benefits of the solution

Seald is designed to be efficient and very easy to use. Easily meet your company's security needs with an advanced data monitoring and protection solution.

  • Expand your company's security perimeter

    Don't lose control of your data when it is transmitted outside your company.

  • Comply with the GDPR

    Protect yourself from a significant fine for your company by complying with the GDPR.

  • Secure your data without disrupting your organization

    Use with confidence the solutions you already use.

4% of your revenue, the maximum fine in case of breach

Conform to regulations

Encryption is a powerful tool that enables companies to protect the personal data they handle to make them unreadable, even (and especially) in the event of data loss or theft. Indeed, if encrypted personal data is stolen, it is not necessary to notify stakeholders.

Don't you exchange personal data by email?
What impact would a data leak have on your credibility?
Do you have an up-to-date list of people who have access to personal data?

GDPR: One year later

This article introduces you to how to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. In 2018, 31 companies worldwide have already been sanctioned.

Seald secures our work, which makes the company more reliable. It is an essential tool!
Alexandre Bellity
Alexandre Bellity CEO @Cleany

Simplicity without compromise

Seald's success lies in the ease of use of the solution. Integrated with your email client or server, Seald secures your confidential communications, and allows you to modify the access permissions and track any email or document in real time.

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