Protect your documents easily.

Protect your business from cyber threats without sacrificing productivity. Seald ensures confidentiality, traceability and control over every document, even when sharing and copying.

Protect your documents easily.

Protect your documents

With desktop or mobile application, your documents are finally protected, safe from all threats. Secure your company data in just a few clicks

  • Select the persons authorized to open your documents
  • No password
  • Share secure link generation
  • Expiration date to meet retention period

Create your document request page

Use your document request page to collect documents and secure them on-the-fly. This page is 100% customizable

  • Creating a unique link for you or your team
  • Anyone can send documents
  • Receive by email, dropbox, onedrive or other
  • Personalization of the page: expiration date, company logo...
Secure Reader

Open documents securely

If you don't own Seald, but you are the recipient of a document, you can access it securely in your browser

  • Authentication via OTP/SMS
  • Access from anywhere
  • Compatible with Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Control activity on documents

Thanks to the application, take control of your data! Whether the document has been transferred or copied, you will be able to revoke access in real time

  • Add/Remove Recipient
  • Usage tracking (number of openings, ...)
  • Add an expiration date
  • Read only
Management chart

Manage your team and company data

The administration table allows you to have a global view of your company's data. Don't let documents get lost in the wild anymore

  • Audit trail in case of CNIL control
  • Team Administration
  • Device management (in case of theft or scrapping)
  • Document management (follow-up, revocation, etc.)

Secure emails sent from Outlook

From Outlook, instantly secure your emails and attachments and gain the confidence of your contacts by protecting your communications with Seald

  • Encrypt your emails and attachments
  • Sensitive keyword detection
  • Draft protection
  • Compatible with your DLP

Join thousands of users
around the world!

Join thousands of users around the world!