An integration for every one of your needs.

Integrate Seald with your application or your business tools to simplify data protection and facilitate adoption.

An integration for every one of your needs.
Software Development Kit

Integrate Seald protection into your applications

End-to-end encryption can be complex and expensive to redevelop, essential to protect the confidential data your applications handle. Use Seald SDKs to perform end-to-end encryption on data stored, produced or received by your applications.

  • Ready-to-use end-to-end encryption
  • Tracking and access control
  • Be sovereign while using a Cloud, even if it is non-European.
  • Can be integrated in-browser, in mobile applications, or on the server side

A document capture page on your website

Provide your customers with a secure document transfer page to your company. Respect the RGPD compliance by ensuring confidentiality, tracking and retention of your customers' documents

  • White label integration into your site
  • 100% customizable page
  • Retention period configuration
  • GDPR compliance
Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box, Gdrive...

Receive protected documents directly into your tools

Seald integrates into your daily tools (Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box, Gdrive...) so that you don't have to change your work habits

  • Be sovereign over your data in the Cloud
  • Don't change your tools
  • Respect GDPR compliance


Quickly integrate encryption into your applications with Seald SDKs. You don't need skills in cryptography to integrate them.

Seald environment