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Protect your files and emails, easily.

Have you ever given up protecting your sensitive data because it was too complicated? Seald is the simplest solution on the market to protect your data.

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Protect your files and emails

When exchanging files and emails, we always believe that the communication channel used is secure. In practice, the numerous data leaks we observe show that these communication channels are vulnerable.

The solution to effectively protect your data is to individually wrap each file and email with a layer of protection that only authorized recipients will be able to open: this is what Seald allows you to do.

Did you know?

Your stolen or lost data, if they are encrypted, are not considered as compromised by the supervisory authorities (GDPR, article 34, 3.a.).

  • Smart assistant

    Detection of sensitive keywords or integration with your DLP to automate protection.

  • Access control

    Add an expiration date, change access rights, prevent printing.

  • Share link

    Exchange with people who don't have Seald through sharing links.

  • Transparent experience

    Work on your encrypted files as if they weren't.


Collect sensitive customer files

Some companies collect and process highly sensitive personal data (e.g. medical data) that is intended to be read by a limited population. The best solution is to cryptographically partition access to the data.

With Seald, you can protect these files before they even arrive on your computer. Create a file collection page that bears your company's colors and send it to your contacts. Every file on this page will be secured and forwarded to the right people in your company.

Did you know?

70% of GDPR fines are due to technical or organizational shortcomings to protect information, CMS Enforcement Tracker.

  • Cloud Integrations

    Receive files either by email or on your Dropbox, Onedrive, Nextcloud, Gdrive, and so on.

  • Customizable

    Add your logo, colors and personalized message.

  • Retention periods

    Specify how long the files must be kept in order to comply with regulations.


Manage your team and your company's data

An administration dashboard is available to the administrator to have a global view on the data encrypted with Seald. At any time, he can manage access to a file but also know where it travels and who has opened it.

In case of theft or loss of a user's device, the administrator can revoke its access to the data protected with Seald. The administrator can then give the user access to all data on a new device. In addition, an audit trail can be downloaded to trace all accesses to files, useful in case of regulatory controls.

Did you know?

Most encryption tools protect the container, not the content. Protecting the content directly allows you to keep control of it, wherever it is.

  • Audit trail

    In case of regulatory controls, you will be able to provide the list of actions performed on protected files.

  • Device management

    In case of theft or loss, it is possible to revoke access to the secured data of a device.

  • Group integration

    Easily manage re-encryption, revocation and renewal of keys when entering and exiting groups.

  • Account recovery

    If a user loses access to their Seald account, you will be able to recover it.

Our advantages

More security and less stress for the whole company

  • Persistent protection

    Seald security follows the data, even when shared or copied.

  • 2FA

    For more security, ask your recipients to authenticate by email and text message.

  • AD integration

    Seald can be integrated with your company's directory to ease IT management.

  • SIEM integration

    Integrate Seald with your SIEM to detect abnormal events.

  • Track activity

    You can modify the access rights of the data and track their activity.

  • Without password

    Seald relies on cryptographic keys to log a user into his account.


The only end-to-end encryption SDK certified in France

This certification attests that the Seald SDK is a robust product with regards to the cryptographic issues at stake and that it has been implemented correctly.

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