No installation required

Do not force your recipients to install Seald to open a secure document.

Illustration - No installation required

Easy to use for recipients

Illustration - An easy authentication step to open
Ico An easy authentication step to open

An easy authentication step to open

With Seald technology, recipients can open documents without installing Seald. To do this, the decryption of the email or document takes place in the web browser, after an authentication step.

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  • Ico No installation required
    No installation required
  • Ico Open in 2 steps
    Open in 2 steps
  • Ico Local decryption
    Local decryption
  • Ico No account required
    No account required
Illustration - Reply securely
Ico Reply securely

Reply securely

Seald allows recipients to respond easily and without installation, from their browser. This keeps the discussion confidential whether one owns the app or not.

  • Ico In the browser
    In the browser
  • Ico Secure reply
    Secure reply
  • Ico Easy to use
    Easy to use
Illustration - All types of documents
Ico All types of documents

All types of documents

A preview is available in the web browser for users who do not have Seald installed, enabling them to read emails, PDFs, images, videos and Microsoft Office documents easily.

  • Ico Pdf, Office, video...
    Pdf, Office, video...
  • Ico Read only
    Read only
  • Ico Downloadable document
    Downloadable document
  • Ico Cross plate-form
    Cross plate-form
Illustration - The .SHTML extension
Ico The .SHTML extension

The .SHTML extension

An email or document protected with Seald is inside a proprietary file format under the extension ".shtml", which enables the user to open it directly in their browser, if Seald is not installed.

  • Ico .shtml extension
    .shtml extension
  • Ico Can be opened in the browser
    Can be opened in the browser
  • Ico Easy to use
    Easy to use

Security at Seald

At Seald we take the security of your data very seriously and we do everything we can to protect your business.