Address the IT impact of the GDPR in a practical way

  • Icon Ensure data security
    Ensure data security

    For the most sensitive data, encryption is the best insurance.

  • Icon Prove access to data
    Prove access to data

    With a history of all activities, you can be sure who did what and when.

  • Icon Manage recipients dynamically
    Manage recipients dynamically

    Manage the transition from the active database to archiving by modifying the list of recipients in a few clicks.

  • Icon Guarantee the storage period
    Guarantee the storage period

    An encrypted data without a decryption key is equivalent to a deleted data. Schedule this deletion in advance.

  • Icon Avoid bad press
    Avoid bad press

    Stolen encrypted data is not considered compromised. Keep this leak to yourself.

Illustration - Data protection at the heart of the company
Ico Data protection at the heart of the company

Data protection at the heart of the company

You must secure your data! This is a crucial point of the GDPR, which aims to protect European residents by giving them more control over their data but also by requiring those who hold them to implement the necessary means to protect them.

Using Seald is a guarantee of seriousness for our customers!
Assaf Bensoussan
Assaf Bensoussan CEO @DPO101

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An innovative security model

Protecting your competitive advantages, intellectual property and your relationships with your clients should be a simple and secure process.

  • Icon Encrypt files
    Encrypt files

    Secure any document (Office, PDFs, videos ...) with a drag and drop in the Seald application. Once secured, the document can be safely sent through any communication channel you want.

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  • Icon Encrypt emails
    Encrypt emails

    The Seald integration allows you to instantly encrypt and decrypt your emails and files directly in the messaging tool, such as Microsoft Outlook, thus avoiding round-trips between the encryption tool and the communication tool. Smooth workflow for the user.

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  • Icon Access Control
    Access Control

    Whether the file has been transferred or copied, you can change access rights, add or revoke recipients in real time. This allows you for example to control your data in case of a leak.

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  • Icon No installation required
    No installation required

    Recipients can open files without installing the software. To do this, the decryption of the email or document takes place in the web browser, after checking the identity of the recipient.

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  • Icon Software Development Kit
    Software Development Kit

    The SDK allows you to encrypt/decrypt, track and revoke emails and documents programatically.

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Security at Seald

At Seald we take the security of your data very seriously and we do everything we can to protect your business.

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