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Secure your customer data

Protect sensitive attachments, non-public data and all customer data sensitive to data leaks.

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Expand your security

Maintain productivity and security in your network, without sacrificing collaboration or privacy.

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Control your communications

Ensure that only the chosen recipients access the client data. You will be able to track authorized and unauthorized access attempts.

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Protect confidential data

Trust is at the heart of any customer-business relationship. Ensuring that customer information remains confidential is essential for futures contracts and maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

A proactive security model

Protecting your competitive advantages, intellectual property
and your relationships with the industry should be a simple and secure process.

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Track your data

A complete and granular monitoring starts after having secured your files. You will know exactly where and how they are consulted.

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Access control

Dynamic rights management and access control to secure sensitive customer data and block unauthorized access.

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Customer data protection

Seald follows the guidelines of NIST and ANSSI on encryption. Your data is protected using the AES-256 and RSA-4096 algorithms.

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No installation required

Recipients can open documents without installing the software or create new credentials or passwords.

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