Make data leaks harmless for your company

  • Icon Simple for employees
    Simple for employees

    No more excuses for your employees not to use an encryption solution.

  • Icon Integrated in your company
    Integrated in your company

    Seald integrates into your ecosystem: data leak prevention policy (DLP), directory, SIEM, infrastructure monitoring, etc.

  • Icon Control your communications
    Control your communications

    Monitor and track company's data, wherever it is shared, even after an employee leaves.

Illustration - Ensure data security in your company
Ico Ensure data security in your company

Ensure data security in your company

The major challenge is to educate your employees about cyber risks, and to equip them with solutions that are accessible and usable by everyone. Seald innovates and stands out for its ease of use, its user-friendly aspect and its control over data, because encryption must no longer frighten or waste your employees' time.

If you are in a team and don't use Seald you are missing out!
Marc Pertron
Marc Pertron CEO @LiveMon

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An innovative security model

Protecting your competitive advantages, intellectual property and your relationships with your clients should be a simple and secure process.

  • Icon Encrypt files
    Encrypt files

    Secure any document (Office, PDFs, videos ...) with a drag and drop in Seald. Once secured, the document can be safely sent through any communication channel you want.

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  • Icon Encrypt emails
    Encrypt emails

    The integration allows you to instantly encrypt and decrypt directly in the messaging tool, such as Microsoft Outlook. A system of rules allows you to automatically encrypt your data.

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  • Icon Access control
    Access control

    If the file or email has been transferred, you will be able to add or revoke recipients in real time. This allows you to control your data in the event of a computer leak or theft.

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  • Icon No installation required
    No installation required

    Recipients can open files and emails without installing Seald, after checking the identity of the recipient in the browser, without creating new credentials or passwords.

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Security at Seald

At Seald we take the security of your data very seriously and we do everything we can to protect your business.