Seald for Server

Be relaxed, Seald integrates with your server and secures documents generated by your applications.

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Protect your users and your reputation

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Secure documents sent by your servers

Integrate Seald into your servers to automatically secure documents sent by your company. The solution allows you to keep control of your data wherever it goes, and is adapted to any document: contracts, statements, reports…

Seald makes sending secured documents a seamless process! Marc Pertron, CEO @LiveMon
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Generate secure exports for your users

The Seald server solution encrypts exports for your users. Generate a document or share via a link, collaborate and deliver the most valuable intellectual property of your organization or users without worrying about data leaks.

If you are in a team and don't use Seald you are missing out! Alexandre Bellity, CEO @Cleany
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Easy to integrate

At Seald, simplicity is our priority, we spare no effort to make it easy to integrate security in your projects. Get started in minutes.

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What are the types of server integration?

There are 3 types of integration:
- Directly installing the "Seald for Server" daemon on the application server
- Using a "Seald for Server" WebService on another server (internal to your organization )
- In the case of encryption of emails only, using an SMTP proxy.

What are the requirements for the "Seald for Server" daemon integration?

The needs are as follows. First, an operating system that can install NodeJS 6 (or higher) (Windows, Mac, Linux, zOS) or Docker and connectivity to the Seald servers (HTTPS).

How is integration achieved?

We guide you in choosing the right approach to integrate Seald in your applications.