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Get even more clients with these features:

Get notified of when and where your files are opened, and export this data for audits.
End-2-end encryption
Military grade security with AES-256 & RSA-4096: state of the art encryption to protect your data.
Directly inside your favorite apps and web-apps: Seald was made to be easy to use.
Access policies
Grant or revoke access in real-time, keep fine-grained control over your data at all times.
Also included:
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Our commitment to your security
and your data.

With Seald, our goal is to bring the best level of security to you and your customers, without compromising on usability.

Seald is the result of years of research and development, by an awesome team of experienced professionals in the fields of computer security and user experience, in order to bring you the maximum security while still keeping it easy to use.

Bring Seald to your customers, it will soon become a must-have for them!
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