Legal Acknowledgments

About the company

Company: Seald SAS
Address: 13, Rue Georges Bizet 78380 Bougival, France
Capital: 5615 euros
Phone Number: +33(0)1 45 81 72 03
R.C.S: 821 438 462 Versailles
Intra-Community VAT number : FR37 821438462
Publication director : Timothée REBOURS
CNIL declaration number : 2126909 v 0

Hosting company

Company: Github Enterprise
Address: 88 Colin P Kelly Jr St - San Francisco, CA 94107 - United States
Phone: +1 (877) 448-4820
Contact: Link

Data Processing

Your personnal data collected by Seald SAS are used to answer to your request for a demo of the product, and also for our clients & prospects database. They are kept for 5 years and are used internally. The fields necessary to process your request are marked with an asterisk. The other ones are optional. To exercise your rights to access, correct and dispute this data, or give instructions about how it should be treated in the event of your death, including defining a person responsible for exercinsing them with Seald SAS, click here. Please join a copy of an ID document.