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Responsible and forward-thinking businesses secure thousands of documents every year with Seald.

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Security for all your business uses

Your business may require you to collaborate beyond your organization, which may raise privacy issues. It is therefore essential to keep your data safe, and to control who has access, even after transmitting it. Work with confidence with your:

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    Protect your internal communications to prevent data leaks.

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    Ensure security throughout your entire value chain.

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    Revoke access to your data at the end of assignments.

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    Improve the trust your customers have in you.

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Secure documents generated by your services

Documents generated by your servers may contain sensitive personal or financial information from your customers or your company. Once transmitted, it is impossible to know what happens to this data. Take back control with Seald for Server by securing your:

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  • Icon of an orange check Reporting
  • Icon of an orange check Exports
  • Icon of an orange check Medical documents
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I need data encryption for


Protect sensitive documents inside and outside your organization with ease. Control access even after the content has been read or transmitted.


A compliant security model. Securing patient information is finally easy with Seald.

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Protect the intellectual property produced in your labs, to stay on top of the competition!


Secure your relationships with the private sector and other governement agencies easily, to ensure maximum confidentiality and credibility.

Simplicity without compromise

Seald's success lies in the ease of use of the solution. Integrated with your email client or server, Seald secures your confidential communications, and allows you to modify the access permissions and track any email or document in real time.

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Track your files

Seald lets you track your documents and files wherever they go, whether it is to detect a data leak or to check where and when your documents are opened.

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End-to-end encryption

Seald follows the guidelines of NIST and ANSSI on encryption. Emails and documents are protected using the AES-256 and RSA-4096 algorithms, using a private key which never leaves your local machine.

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Access control

Whether the file has been transferred or copied, you can change access rights, add or revoke recipients in real time. This allows you for example to control your data in case of a leak.

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No installation required for the recipient

Recipients can open documents without installing the software. To do this, the decryption of the email or document takes place in the Internet browser, after checking the identity of the recipient.

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Do not wait until it is too late to protect yourself

A leaked document, email or data record costs an average of $150 to a business. Many millions are leaked every day! Only 4% of these leaks are made harmless because the data is encrypted.

records leaked today…

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Discover our dashboard

Seald allows advanced access control to your emails and documents, and also offers tracking tools.

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