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What is Seald?

Seald is a one-click encryption tool that keeps unwanted eavesdroppers out of your conversations. Our goal is to protect the privacy of Internet users, regardless of their skills or the application on which they communicate. That's why we developed Seald, a tool for the general public and companies. It enables users to secure files and messages directly on the websites and applications they already use (e-mail, Facebook, Slack, Dropbox, etc.) with an intuitive design.

How does it work?

When installed on your computer, Seald automatically installs an extension in your browser (Google Chrome only for the moment) and apps (Slack Desktop for now).

Messages (Browser/App): In your browser or app, in any input on any website, write a message (an email, a post, a direct message, an article...), highlight the part of the message you want to encrypt, right click and click on Seald. Then, a "Select recipient" window appear where you can choose who will be able to open your message.

Documents (Desktop): Open Seald (on your desktop), drag and drop a document in the drop zone and select who will be able to open your document. It doesn't send it automatically! It just encrypts it.

Here is a video of how it works: demo.

Does Seald have an access to my message/document?

No! Our servers never see neither your messages nor the keys to decrypt them! Our servers only get encrypted message keys, that can only be decrypted with the private key which never leaves your device.

Can I use Seald for free?

Seald provides a free version that can be used to encrypt and decrypt files and messages. A pro version will be released with additional features intended for system administrators and team managers.

Getting started

Which platform does Seald Support?

Right now, Seald supports macOS and Windows computers.
In the future, we plan on releasing versions for Linux, iOS, and Android devices (and possibly other platforms, depending on the demand).

Where can I use it?

Seald works on Google Chrome and Slack desktop app for the moment. Other browsers and desktop applications will be supported in the future, starting with Firefox.

On Google Chrome, Seald should work on any website (Facebook, Gmail, Messenger, Slack, Outlook...). As long as you have an input, you can encrypt your message in it.
If you run into trouble on any website, please contact us and we'll try and sort it out.

For companies, don't hesitate to contact us! We can work together to see how Seald could be integrated with your chat & communications software.

Does the recipient need to have Seald installed?

At the moment yes. Seald does not provide a way to send a message to someone who hasn't got Seald installed... yet.

I can't Seald a message on Chrome.

I don't have a 'Seald' option in the context menu:
Is the Chrome extension installed correctly? You can check in Chrome's "extensions" tab. If it's not, you can install it from here.

After clicking 'Seald' in the context menu, nothing happens:
Are you sure the Seald app is open on your computer? The extension doesn't actually perform the encryption by itself, and cannot do anything if the app is not open. If the app is indeed launched, reloading the page or restarting your browser might sometimes help.

The Seald icon is not in the notification area (Windows)

Click on the arrow near the clock and click on personalize. Then, choose the option "Show icon and notifications" for Seald.


Which algorithms are used?

The communications with the server are protected with TLS.

The algorithms used are:
- RSA-4096/OAEP-MGF1(SHA1) (and CRC32 for controlling integrity) for asymmetric encryption
- RSA-4096/PSS-MGF1(SHA256) on the SHA256 of the symmetric key + message for signature
- AES-256/CBC with a 16 bits IV + HMAC-SHA256 for symmetric encryption.

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