A management consulting firm asked us to help them in their server protection project. The company's business is to produce high value-added deliverables for its customers based on the information that customers share.


The deliverables produced by the consulting firm are based on information provided by customers (HR documents, financial documents, supply chain information, descriptions of IT environments, etc.). This information is just as sensitive as the strategic recommendations produced produced by the consulting firm, which must be protected from external curiosity. In addition, the company would like to protect itself from a massive transfer of its documents in case of internal malevolence.


The various requirements to address this problem are :

  • Only company employees must be able to read these documents, taking into account staff turnover;
  • It must be very easy to remove protection if the situation requires it (example: responses to RFPs expected in .pdf format only);
  • It must be made extremely complicated and therefore discouraging for employees to smuggle out the documents massively (in this case the company has several hundred thousand documents);
  • The protection must not change work habits and must allow a high level of flexibility in work (working at the customer's premises, teleworking, etc.).


To be sure to protect documents throughout their entire lifecycle, they must be protected as early as possible with Seald technology.
In this case, this is done at the server level with the Seald SDK, which automatically protects each stored document.
The company's employees and associates work on them in a transparent and protected way, any other access will be denied even if the documents are duplicated outside the server (sent by email, etc.). It is also very easy to decrypt a document if necessary.

More details

The solution presented above consists of :

  • Installing the Seald SDK on the company's server and setting up the employees as authorized persons;
  • Installing the Seald Desktop App for employees who need to open these documents frequently.

This will enable the following:

  • The documents will be protected on the server, but also outside;
  • Only authorized employees will be able to open these protected documents. The Seald Desktop App will allow these people to open documents transparently with a double-click;
  • If people from outside the company (without the Seald Desktop App) are authorized to open protected documents, they can open the documents via the Seald Secure Reader without installation or directly in plain text thanks to simplified decryption for employees;
  • Each activity (opening, attempted opening, transfer, etc.) will be tracked, and access rights will be modifiable in real time, in particular to take into account staff turnover.