Access control

Be relaxed, Seald allows you to manage the access of your documents and emails.

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Protect your users and your reputation

Illustration - Control access rights in real time
Ico Control access rights in real time

Control access rights in real time

Keep control of your sensitive documents, even after sending them! Whether the file has been transferred or copied, you can change access rights, add or revoke recipients in real time. This allows you for example to control your data in case of a leak.

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Using Seald within a business is truly amazing. Finally safe!
Zakaria Laguel
Zakaria Laguel CEO @WeSave
Illustration - Track your documents and check where they are
Ico Track your documents and check where they are

Track your documents and check where they are

Seald allows you to track your documents and files wherever they go, whether it is to detect a data leak or to check where and when your documents are opened. For regulated industries, Seald can generate detailed audit reports, and send the events to your BI or SIEM engine.

Our team started using Seald for our security and we're loving it!
Brice Konda
Brice Konda CEO @Deepsight
Illustration - Dynamic access management
Ico Dynamic access management

Dynamic access management

A file lifecycle can be complex. Adding, deleting or modifying your authorized recipients: you need to be able to manage your sensitive files access rights in an fast and easy way, even after you sent them. Seald makes it possible in real time.

If you are in a team and don't use Seald you are missing out!
Marc Pertron
Marc Pertron CEO @LiveMon

Security at Seald

At Seald we take the security of your data very seriously and we do everything we can to protect your business.