No need to go to space to get
some privacy.

Finally send protected messages and files. On any app. For free.

Hacks: no one is safe.

But with Seald

messages and files have been protected today :)

Let's see how ?

Don't change your habits.

Seald works within the apps
you already use.

Protect messages and files, very easily.

Right click. Use Seald.

You could tweet it
to the world.

Only the recipients you chose
will be able to open it.

And it works everywhere.

All your tools are connected.

Secure with end-to-end encryption messages and files
on any app.

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Our mission is to make your privacy
harder (to crack), better, faster, stronger.

They're talking about us.

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Get Seald!

Seald is available for Chrome
(for the moment)

We'll be in Beta soon.

Get an early access to be enable to protect your privacy :)

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Seald is available for Chrome